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SWS-001 - Bryn Celli Ddu | Stonehenge

In this episode, answering the question: is the Bryn Celli Ddu pillar a fossilized tree trunk?, and - catching up with Stonehenge.

As As you’ll hear, we’ve come up with a format for the show that we hope works, and wiill remain for future episodes. Regular sections will be:
Part 1 – a news section where we will take you through our favourite discoveries and updates.
Part 2 – The main section in which we will discuss one or two main themes in greater depth.
Part 3 – Question time, where listeners can ask us anything archaeology related which we’ll do our best to answer. And a monthly accolade called Stonehead of the Month, where we give a shout out to a passionate megalith-lover who has come to our attention. Do feel free to nominate someone and send us a photo if you have one, or even sing your own praises if you dare!
Part 4 – Wrapping up the show with a bit of humour. One or two of the funnier items that have caught our eyes in recent weeks.

You will also find links to further reading if you wish to find out more about anything that has been discussed in each show.

For the complete show notes, click below to go to the Standing with Stones website