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SWS-002 - Bloodsports | The Ness of Brodgar

Hi Folks, and welcome to the second Standing With Stones megalithic podcast.

This month we are announcing that from May 2018 we will be doing a regular mid-month Facebook Live broadcast, where you can log on and listen, send in questions and messages, or even call in and join the discussion. These will take place on the second Wednesday of each month, Starting at 8.00pm UK time.

We are also introducing a new regular item called Pushing Back The Boundaries: In last month’s podcast we mentioned the discovery of the human jawbone in northern Israel, which pushed our out-of-Africa timeline back by around 50,000 years. Well, with increasing regularity, archaeologists around the world are making discoveries which push human history further and further back in time. So we decided to introduce this new section, to bring you our favourite boundary-breaker for the month.

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